Here are video clips from documentaries on the storm of 1980.

The first set of clips is from a half-hour documentary, "The Storm:  Tuesday July 15 1980", broadcast on WEAU-TV 13 in Eau Claire at 6:30pm on Monday, July 21, 1980, 6 days after the storm hit (courtesy WEAU-TV/Eau Claire Community Television).

The following clips are from a one-hour documentary, "The Storm:  One Year Later", broadcast on WEAU-TV 13 in Eau Claire on Wednesday, July 15, 1981(courtesy WEAU-TV/Eau Claire Community Television).

These are two clips from a children's show called "All Things Great And Small", taped on July 18, 1980, and put together by the Eau Claire Public Access Center (the early name for Eau Claire Community Television) and the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Summer Reading Program in Eau Claire.  The host asks the children what their storm stories are and how they're dealing with storm 3 days after it hit.